Darren Smith


Darren has over 30 years of experience in the commercial real estate debt (CRED) market.

Darren is part of the Balmain Executive and is a Director and Shareholder in Balmain NB Corporation limited.

Darren graduated from Monash University and commenced his career at Westpac before being involved in the establishment of the Bank of Scotland’s Capital Finance Group, where he was the Director of Property. He then established Balmain's Melbourne Office in 1997 as a Director and co-founder/owner.

Darren guides an expanding Melbourne Office (with a current team of 30) which continues to be an integral cog within the Balmain Group’s Origination platform. The recent office relocation to larger premises at Rialto enables Balmain Melbourne to continue to seek CRED specialists seeking an exciting career in a dynamic and burgeoning non-bank environment.

Darren has developed a reputation for quickly assessing and ultimately solving commercial Borrowers' funding requirements by providing structured finance solutions regardless of the diverse and complex nature of the situation. He successfully achieved and managed the first Balmain billion-dollar loan portfolio.

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0411 644 383